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Now, more than ever, the world needs innovative solutions to address complex local and global challenges and tackle critical problems that are not going away. The next decade will be decisive in our ability to ensure our future and that of generations to come. Solving complex problems requires a multi-faceted approach that includes both local and global perspectives, engagement with community experts and social sector leaders, and an acknowledgement of the power and limitations of technology. We must also look beyond traditional sources of philanthropy for the capital required to bring new, disruptive solutions to scale.

A New Partnership in Social Enterprise

In this context, we are proud to announce a new partnership with CerraCap Ventures, a global venture capital firm investing in emerging technologies, and CerraCap Cares, a women-led impact fund with a mission to unleash the power of technology for good. Through this relationship, we provide strategic guidance to select startups with strong social impact potential, helping them understand how their work advances the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and emerging ESG standards, while building strong cultures that promote equity and inclusion. We’re also introducing these founders, most often young BIPOC CEOs, to key philanthropists for possible investment or grant support.

Alongside our current offerings, this social impact work forms a “fourth pillar,” integrating seamlessly with our current practice. Leading this new work is Sylvia Kim, our newest Partner. Sylvia brings a long history in human rights advocacy, organizing, and impact-oriented venture capital. As we launch this new area of practice, rest assured our firm’s north star remains social impact, only now we have a broader array of partners on that journey.

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