Expert consulting to increase your foundation's or nonprofit's impact.

We tailor proven solutions to your organization’s unique needs and goals to help you do more good in the world. Partnering with our team of experienced social sector consultants strengthens your organization, setting you up for ongoing success.

Why La Piana Consulting?

Over more than two decades, we have helped 1,500 organizations sharpen their focus and refine their strategies to advance their missions. Our innovative foundation and nonprofit consulting services continually set new standards that propel the social sector forward.

We’re social sector experts.

Most of our team have served as senior level executive staff for organizations in the social sector, so we get it. We’ve been in your seat.

We’re game-changers.

Our real-world solutions deliver tangible results because our consulting is backed by ongoing research and development. We’ve authored sector-advancing guides and new models for driving social sector organizations to become more strategic and effective.

We tailor ideas to you.

Every organization is different. We’re not afraid to challenge convention, adjusting and adapting proven strategies that meet you where you are to help you move to the next level.