We help social sector organizations navigate change, so they can be more effective at delivering on their mission.

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Strategy consulting for nonprofits, foundations, and social enterprises.

Transforming Complex Problems into Actionable Solutions

Our firm co-creates customized strategies to fit your unique needs, delivered within a proven framework that keeps your organization focused on what matters. Working with a skilled nonprofit business consultant, you will strengthen your ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

How do we grow with fresh eyes and an old soul?

In recent years, nonprofits across the sector have experienced unprecedented and, in many cases, unexpected growth.

In collaboration with the Ford Foundation’s BUILD initiative, La Piana developed an evidence-based intervention for 30+ social justice organizations in order to tackle these challenges. BUILDing for Growth is a customized, capacity-building program that helps select Ford grantees navigate substantial, rapid, and unplanned growth, all while developing the organizational infrastructure needed to drive sustainable impact.


Considering a merger, alliance, or some other form of collaboration?

If you are thinking that your mission will be stronger, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, working in partnership with another organization; our Merger & Alliance Toolkit provides practical information and concrete guidance to help you move forward.


Research & Innovation

We bring innovative thinking to your big questions, rooted in rigorous analysis and informed by a deep understanding of the social sector.

Proven Methodologies

Having worked with more than 1,500 nonprofit organizations of every size and type, we have consulting services equipped for any project. This experience, augmented by proven methodologies, helps us consistently deliver successful outcomes.

Customized Solutions

No two nonprofits are alike, which is why our proven nonprofit management consulting is highly adaptive and customized to fit your unique situational challenges.

High Touch

We believe how we do our work is just as important as what we do. Our hands-on approach is supportive, pragmatic, and led by an experienced team.

Racial Equity

We bring an awareness of the impact of systemic racism in our country’s history and the present moment to all the work that we do, centering racial justice in our practice.

Enduring Value

Everything we do is designed to help you accelerate your impact. Our goal is to yield rapid results, measurable outcomes, and sustainable change.


Contemplating a leap: changing career, role, or sector?

The Workbook asks a series of questions that enable a nonprofit leader contemplating a career change to organize their thoughts, reflect on their values, and take stock of the journey they have been on, enabling better decision-making about the future.

Knowledge Is Power.

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