Your ability to enact change begins with a robust foundation strategy.

With our consulting for foundations, we help you leverage your foundation’s strategy, structure, skill set, and culture to achieve greater impact in a shifting philanthropic landscape. Sharpen your perspective and support your decision-making with social sector experts by your side.

Turn your ideas into action.

Without a bold foundation strategy driving toward realistic solutions, you end up with incremental goals that lead to small-scale change. Today’s concerns, from the response to COVID-19, to systemic racism, to extreme income inequality, to climate change, call for more: a transformational response. Our customized foundation consulting services include strategic planning, organizational development, and change management solutions to help you set aggressive goals and provide a practical road map to get there quickly.

Filter out the noise that impedes effective leadership.

Leveraging expertise – your own and others’ – is key to helping your foundation reach its desired impact. We help you capitalize on the strengths and experience of your leadership, elevating your capacity to learn quickly, innovate effectively, and usefully measure success.

Help your grantees keep up with emerging trends.

Provide a boost to the organizations you invest in. Foundations support programs, but for those programs to succeed, the organizations that provide them must be strong and resilient. We help you develop and deploy strategies that have been proven to increase your grantees’ organizational effectiveness, enabling them to generate even more impact with their available funding.

Transforming Complex Problems into Actionable Solutions

We’ll co-create customized strategies to fit your unique needs, delivered within a proven framework that keeps your organization focused on what matters. Our foundation consulting will strengthen your ability to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

Client Spotlight

S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation

Discover how La Piana Consulting helped the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation navigate new territory as it re-focused to create a large national program to strengthen youth character development. Guiding the project from idea to execution, we supervised the launch of what would become a $140MM initiative.

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