Nonprofit Mergers and Alliances

Sector-leading insight that sets up nonprofit mergers and alliances for lasting success.

We have guided hundreds of mergers and partnerships to success, bringing out the best in organizations that hope to join forces. Drawing on the strengths and assets of all parties, we adapt our proven approach to restructuring a nonprofit organization for your specific needs. Our process gets you to a decision quickly but not hastily. We then help guide that decision to sound execution and post-deal integration.


Considering a merger, alliance, or some other form of collaboration?

If you are thinking that your mission will be stronger, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, working in partnership with another organization; our Merger & Alliance Toolkit provides practical information and concrete guidance to help you move forward.


Learn from acknowledged leaders in social sector nonprofit mergers and alliances.

The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part I: The Leader's Guide to Considering, Negotiating, and Executing a Merger


The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part II: Unifying the Organization after a Merger

This illuminating follow up provides practical tools to weather the changes brought by a merger and come out the other side with a strengthened plan to achieve your mission.

Client Spotlight


Discover how La Piana Consulting guided the successful merger of two leading racial justice organizations, Race Forward and Center for Social Inclusion (CSI). Our team collaborated closely with both organizations to establish a unique shared value proposition, assess programmatic priorities, and restructure the merged entity’s governing board.

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