The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution

Second (10th Anniversary) Edition, August 2018

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, 2nd ed., book coverThe Nonprofit Strategy Revolution:
Real-Time Strategic Planning in a
Rapid-Response World

By David La Piana with Melissa Mendes Campos

La Piana Consulting is excited to announce the long-awaited update to our groundbreaking book on nonprofit strategy development. Featuring a timely new Preface and Introduction by David La Piana, updated content drawing on a decade of experience since first publication, five new tools supporting strategy development and execution, and more, this 10th Anniversary edition is a valuable tool for organizational leaders, capacity builders, and students of nonprofit management.

In 2008, The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution, first edition, challenged traditional thinking about how social sector organizations form strategy and presented the Real-Time Strategic Planning methodology as one better suited to an increasingly dynamic and fast-changing world. Since then, the Real-Time approach and others akin to it have gained momentum across the sector, as more nonprofits and funders embrace the value of ongoing strategic thinking and acting —unbound from the artificial constraints of the traditional three-to-five year strategic plan. We are eager to share this second edition of The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution with you. May the revolution continue!