Olivia Audsley

Project Coordinator

Los Angeles, CA

Meet Olivia, one of our Project Coordinators.


Olivia Audsley (she/her) is a network weaver and problem solver, passionate about helping social justice organizations through operational practices, strategic organization, community-organizing, and education. Supporting social impact organizations brings meaning to her work, which has included administrative, communications, and research roles across the private and public sector. Olivia enjoys working at the intersections of social issues and with people and organizations who are committed to transforming internal practices to match their innovative and socially impactful external work.

Prior to joining La Piana, Olivia was an executive assistant at the Karsh Family Social Service Center in Los Angeles where she played a major project management role on a variety of team projects. She also served as the co-director of CoFIRED, an immigrants’ rights group in Hanover, New Hampshire, that seeks to serve undocumented people in the area.


Impact Approach

For Olivia, making an impact is a holistic ideal – all parties should be changed for the better. Social impact is not transactional but a process of creating connections, resources, and tools that contribute to new world for all of us to thrive in. She views social impact as transformation, not charity or gratification. Olivia is dedicated to working with organizations that understand that real change comes from building relationships, fostering collaboration and working towards a common goal of creating a better world for all.




  • Dartmouth College, Bachelor of Arts: Latin American, Latino, and Caribbean Studies



Outside of Work

Olivia loves food and enjoys trying new restaurants in Los Angeles, where there are endless options. She finds it fulfilling to cook for family and friends and to share the experience with loved ones. Olivia is an avid reader and traveler, curious about experiencing new places, meeting new people, and hearing good stories.