• How the California R&R Network's Strength Helps Move the Agenda Forward

Collaborate. Create. Accelerate. These are three principles we have adopted as consultants, and they also capture what we strive to help our clients achieve in their mission-driven work.

Periodically, we’ll share featurettes highlighting nonprofits and foundations that we have seen exemplify one or all of these principles. Feel free to suggest others in the comments section – we love success stories!


I recently had the opportunity to work with an organization whose focus is to accelerate the work of its sector. By default, the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network is a leader in the sector as they play a critical role in guiding their member organizations and providing the necessary support to the agencies that take part in their network. However, their leadership and ability to accelerate the needs of the sector is no accident. The R&R Network has carefully crafted a strong organization through its strategic vision, the collaborative nature of its member agencies who work to move the network forward, and a tradition of strong and visionary leadership. The organization has recognized that together, as a network, they can move their agenda forward and thus better improve outcomes for all children and families in California. The R&R Network moves this agenda forward, keeping their members in mind, while continually advancing the development of their organization. As they juggle the needs of members and their own organizational development, they optimize what a great member agency is about — being both a strong intermediary and a strong organization. 

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