Collaboration and Strategic Restructuring Podcast Series

Preparing for Strategic Restructuring: Understanding Nonprofit Ownership

No individual or group can “own” a nonprofit, but boards of directors have very specific responsibilities when it comes to strategic restructuring. (3:16 minutes)

Preparing for Strategic Restructuring: Overview of the Negotiations Process

Each negotiations process is unique, but there are common steps and typical roles that members of the board and staff should be prepared to play. (3:20 minutes)

Preparing for Strategic Restructuring: Typical Issues for Negotiation

There are four topics negotiating committees should cover in their first meeting together, and six categories into which most issues to be negotiated tend to fall. (5:39 minutes)

Nonprofit Partnerships and the Importance of Trust

Building a high level of trust is the most critical element of any organizational partnership. (4:51 minutes)

Nonprofit Partnerships and Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is extremely influential in the process of building a successful nonprofit partnership. (2:58 minutes)

Identifying and Approaching Potential Partners

Learn how to identify and approach potential partner organizations when considering strategic restructuring options. (5:35 minutes)

Due Diligence in the Nonprofit Context

The timing of the due diligence process during strategic restructuring among nonprofits differs from that in the for-profit context. (2:43 minutes)

The Boards’ Role in Strategic Restructuring

Take a closer look at the primary responsibilities of the nonprofit board of directors with respect to forming organizational partnerships. (4:17 minutes)

A Walk Through the Partnership Matrix

Collaboration can take many forms, from casual cooperative relationships to more integrated partnerships.