Nonprofits Assistance Fund and MAP for Nonprofits Announce Merger

Minnesota-based community development financial institution (CDFI) Nonprofits Assistance Fund and consulting and capacity-building organization MAP for Nonprofits have announced their merger effective January 1, 2017. The two have provided complementary services and expertise to the nonprofit community for many years, and they look forward to the combination of these strengths having a “multiplier” effect on their potential for impact. La Piana Consulting Senior Manager Michael Anderson says that “focus on a shared vision and potential impact on their nonprofits clients enabled NAF and MAP leaders to move through the merger negotiations with awareness of, and readiness for, the big changes to come.” All of us at La Piana congratulate all who were involved in the process of forging a partnership that will have lasting impact beyond the sum of its parts.

For more on this merger, see this announcement from Kate Barr.