This book is filled with practical tools for assessing a nonprofit’s position in the marketplace and developing winning competitive strategies to advance its mission. Play to Win provides a clear description of competition and discusses its practical, ethical, and political ramifications within the nonprofit sector. It demonstrates how, by being a more effective competitor, a nonprofit can enhance its chances for both programmatic and financial success.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • A practical process for developing a strategic approach to inter-organizational relationships, grounded in market awareness.
  • Insights into the ways in which nonprofits compete for limited resources and step-by-step directions to compete more effectively.
  • A framework for assessing the relative merits of collaboration and competition, and for customizing an optimal mix of collaborative and competitive relationships.

Play to Win offers nonprofit leaders the help they need to develop their organization’s unique competitive advantages and to use the power of competitive strategies to advance the mission.

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