California HealthCare Foundation

In 2008, La Piana Consulting began working with the California HealthCare Foundation to explore the needs of community health centers and to deliver educational materials, research, and technical assistance in leveraging collaborative strategies for impact.

In addition to providing direct consulting assistance to California HealthCare Foundation grantees which led to the formation of the California Catalyst Fund, we developed issue briefs and other resources to inform the field.

Strategic Restructuring for Community Clinics: Options and Examples Exploring the status of collaboration among community health centers and regional consortia

Merging Ahead: Case Studies in Clinic Consolidation Highlighting the benefits and challenges of community clinic mergers

Testing the Waters: Five California Clinics Explore Strategic Restructuring A review of the work of five clinic partnerships supported by the California HealthCare Foundation

Strategic Restructuring for California Community Clinics: Self-Assessment Workbook A tool to help clinics determine their readiness to engage in strategic restructuring

Learn more about our work in designing and delivering strategic restructuring initiatives.