The Collaborative Map

The infographic below presents the range of ways that independent organizations can come together in pursuit of a shared goal. You may also be interested in a brief video introduction to the Collaborative Map, or this print-friendly PDF.

Collaboration. There are many ways to collaborate, and collaborations aren’t mutually exclusive. Organizations can and do collaborate with multiple organizations, often from multiple sectors, on a range of initiatives. In fact, today more than ever organizations must collaborate, both broadly and deeply, because that is what it will take to address the complex challenges we face.

Alliance. When needing a more formal, structured partnership, you may want to consider some sort of alliance; such options are shown in the second of the three circles on the Map. La Piana Consulting considers these as falling into two categories: 1) those that involve doing some part of your nuts-and-bolts business together (such as programming, administration, or revenue generation), and 2) those that are really more about working together to have an impact on the field, for example through advancement of a social change agenda or work to strengthen organizations with a particular issue or geographic focus.

Strategic Restructuring. Sometimes, the best option for two or more organizations seeking to come together in pursuit of a shared goal might be a structural change or the creation of a new entity. Such options are shown in the centermost circle on the Map.