The Nonprofit Business Plan

The Leader’s Guide to Creating a Successful Business Model

This book helps your organization understand what a business plan is and when you need one, outlining a practical approach to creating a successful, sustainable business model.

Although nonprofits often use the terms “strategic planning” and “business planning” interchangeably, a good business plan goes beyond the traditional strategic plan, testing the economic logic and operational feasibility of the proposed strategy and detailing how and why it will succeed.

The Nonprofit Business Plan includes worksheets and discussion guides, a detailed case study demonstrating how a nonprofit can move through the process in a way that creates value for internal and external stakeholders alike, and a sample financial model based on the case study.

(Available in print and e-book from Amazon and in print from Barnes and Noble. Also on iTunes.)

Free previews of the worksheets and discussion guides are available below.

Reviews of The Nonprofit Business Plan