Grand St. Settlement Case Study

From Strategy to Success

Celebrating 100 years serving New York's Lower East Side and Brooklyn, Grand St. Settlement faced critical questions about the organization's identity in light of new opportunities and changing community needs. Strategy development was the first step, but implementing those strategies will be the key to success.

Download this case study to learn from Grand St.’s experience and to follow them on their journey from strategy to success.

  • Highlights include:
  • Planning from a Position of Strength
  • Developing Strategic Priorities
  • Understanding the Role of Organizational Culture
  • Translating Strategy into a Blueprint for Success with Staff Teams
  • Bringing Strategy to Life Through Implementation
  • Overcoming Challenges Along the Way
  • Looking Ahead

Grand St. sought several outcomes through this process, including that it would:

  • Be in a stronger position to successfully achieve its mission, through greater understanding of the external environment in which it operates, and through agreement on and confirmation of key strategies to respond to this environment
  • Gain greater clarity about the current state and culture of the organization and an enhanced focus on its priority work, issues, challenges, and opportunities
  • Clarify its understanding of its unique strengths and organizational identity, and how these support its strategic choices
  • Identify an organizational structure that is aligned with carrying out its strategies and will enable it to successfully achieve its mission
  • Develop clear guidance for how the organization will make ongoing decisions aligned with organizational strategies
  • Increase the skills and capacity of its staff and board to make ongoing strategic decisions, enabling the organization to respond to changes over time

With thoughtful planning, and ongoing leadership from its board and staff, Grand St. successfully achieved these outcomes and anticipates a vibrant future. 

Grand St. and La Piana Consulting share the hope that this case study — including the successes, challenges, and lessons learned — helps to illuminate the critical link between the development of sound strategy and its execution, and that it informs and inspires others.