Getting Started

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution - Our popular book bringing a new perspective to nonprofit strategic planning for a rapid-response world

What is Strategy? - Use the Strategy Pyramid to explore the three levels of nonprofit strategy.

Principles for Strategy Development - A concise overview of five principles building organizational capacity for strategic thinking and acting on an ongoing basis

Play to Win: The Nonprofit Guide to Competitive Strategy - Our ground-breaking book on how nonprofits can successfully compete in order to advance their missions

Digging Deeper

Identity Statement - Learn how an Identity Statement incorporating the defining elements of your organization sets the stage for strategy development

Strategy Screen - The Strategy Screen is a powerful tool that makes decision-making criteria explicit and supports strategic thinking and acting

Get Back to Basics with the First Principle of Strategy Development: Part 1 of 2 - A brief article on the first steps of a successful strategy process

Build on Your Organization’s Strengths When Developing Strategy: Part 2 of 2 -  A brief article on leveraging competitive advantage

Using Real-Time Strategic Planning to Evaluate Partnerships - A brief article on how to evaluate whether a collaborative strategy is the right strategy

Don’t Neglect Investing in Your Message -  A brief article on the importance of nonprofit messaging, with tips for crafting a communications plan

Grand St. Settlement Case Study – An in-depth look at one organization’s experience developing strategy, and then bringing that strategy to life

Serving the Latino Community: Getting Beyond Translation - A brief article encouraging a strategic, not reactive, response to demographic shifts

Due Diligence Done Well: A Guide for Grantmakers - A practical guide developed in partnership with Grantmakers for Effective Organizations

Tool for Assessing Startup Nonprofits: A Due Diligence Supplement - A resource for evaluating very new organizations