Arielle Donelan

Associate Consultant

Huntsville, AL

Meet Arielle, one of our our Associate Consultants.


Arielle Donelan (she/her) is passionate about strengthening efforts to create a more equitable society. Arielle approaches her service to the sector with accountability, authenticity and vulnerability – all while upholding her personal values that create space for individuals to show up as their full selves. She is a self-taught graphic designer who has built a successful business supporting social enterprises from the ground up and creating dynamic visuals for visionaries and incorporates dynamic design in her projects where possible.

Previously, Arielle was communications manager for The Oasis Project in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she led the design and implementation of engagement campaigns across multiple programs and social enterprises related to economic advancement and opportunity. She also previously served as the manager of The Maker’s Clubhouse, which provides comprehensive faith-based, STEAM‑focused educational programming for school-aged youth.


Impact Approach

Arielle is passionate about supporting organizations that work with marginalized communities and politicized/othered identities to build power and move BIPOC perspectives and experiences from the margins to the focal point toward collective and transformative action. As a mission-driven individual, Arielle enjoys helping clients improve systems and embody their values internally and externally by identifying the behaviors that make ideas tangible and actionable in service of true transformation and mission impact.



  • Center College, Bachelor’s Degree: Sociology and Anthropology


Outside of Work

Arielle recently relocated to the south to be closer to her niece and nephews. Playing with them, going on adventures, and reading stories with voices and silly movements help her to fill her cup while there is so much need for transformative and lasting change.