Kristen Godard

Partner | Head of Finance and Operations

Ventura County (a.k.a. “Los Angeles area”)

Kristen (she/her) manages the firm’s operations for consistent quality and demonstrated effectiveness. She provides expert administrative oversight to ensure that La Piana delivers on its promises so that clients can deliver on theirs.

Kristen has a keen eye for detail and an ability to see the big picture, applying process and analytical skills to hone firm operations and systems. This includes supporting client relationships through responsive proposals, effective project management systems, and data management.

Kristen’s background in consulting gives her an intimate understanding of the mission that drives the firm’s business. Prior to joining La Piana in 2001, she was Director of Silicon Valley Training Programs at CompassPoint Nonprofit Services and served as a program officer at the W. Alton Jones Foundation. Kristen has a Masters in Planning and a BS in Systems Engineering, both from the University of Virginia. She is an active volunteer in her local school and performing arts communities.

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