Scott Cotenoff


Walnut Creek, CA

Meet Scott, one of our Partners.


Scott Cotenoff (he/him) is dedicated to ensuring that his work remains rooted in social justice and equity, and seeks to promote and support opportunities for respectful and meaningful engagement across diverse communities. He works to help create inclusive spaces in which a broad diversity of experiences and perspectives are central. Scott’s experience as a white, cis-gendered Jewish man help shape his ability to bring  a compassionate and advocacy-oriented approach to his projects. He actively works to understand and address the ways in which his background and identities have affected and will continue to affect his work and interactions with others.

Scott has a background in  public health, civil rights law, and creating change for houseless individuals and families. Prior to joining La Piana in 2013, Scott was senior VP for programs and new initiatives at New York City’s Partnership for the Homeless, served as executive director for the Children’s Hope Foundation and Body Positive, and developed and delivered legal services for people living with HIV and AIDS. Scott is particularly passionate about working with organizations that focus on public health, racial and social justice, the rights of the LGBTQ+ community, and that address issues related to homelessness.


Impact Approach

Scott is known for pushing clients to expand their concept of what’s possible for their impact and to have a realistic sense of what is needed to achieve this impact. He helps organizations to think big and to challenge themselves to reach their full potential, while also providing practical guidance and support to make their goals a reality.



  • Hunter College, Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Urban Public Health
  • Boston University School of Law, JD
  • Duke University, Bachelor of Arts, Political Science


Outside of Work

Scott’s “home away from home” is his bike. He finds joy in the freedom of being on two wheels, pedaling roadways across different landscapes. It brings him peace, clears his mind and reminds him of how grateful he is. He enjoys the physical and mental benefits that come from cycling and it is a way for him to disconnect and explore different places.


Select Clients

Select Publications

  • Grand St. Settlement

  • Health Care Improvement Foundation

  • Health Federation of Philadelphia

  • National Health Care for the Homeless Council

  • National Women's Law Center

  • NJ Institute for Social Justice


  • Race Forward

  • The International Center for Clean Transportation

  • The Public Theater