An Interview with Marcus Walton, President & CEO, GEO

Makiyah Moody, Senior Manager, joins Marcus Walton in this webinar to discuss strategies, such as leveraging collective genius, that are being deployed at GEO during this time to inspire collaboration towards the greater good.

Throughout this discussion, Makiyah and Marcus converse about:

  • How to think about the silver linings of this moment, but hold the trauma, the hurt, and uncertainty, and still be able to find the positives that are emerging.
  • How philanthropy increases impact in support of thriving communities.
  • The way we come together to increase our awareness, to share our observations, and then be intentional about the cultivation of collective genius towards applying responses to various situations.
  • The difference between philanthropy’s need to fix versus philanthropy as a resource or advocate.
  • Shifting from a charity model to a change model in philanthropy.
  • Peer learning as a vehicle that GEO uses to help cohorts share their learning to others nationally to create the opportunity for a deeper dialogue which can be translated into agreements for action.
  • How GEO members are transforming themselves to support their grantees during this time.
    • Encouraging foundations to think about their asset payouts for grantmaking.
    • Focusing on being more collaborative to support others rather than operating in silos; leveraging each other’s progress for the greater good.
  • The importance of moving outside of our comfort zones of achieving what is practical to reach for what is possible.


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