An Interview with Rochelle Mills, President & CEO, Innovative Housing Opportunities


In this black and bold interview, Rochelle Mills touches on her experiences in her current role, the value of prioritizing the celebration of yourself, and her endeavor to pass on the baton to others.

00:21 Can you tell us about your current role?

01:36 If there was a soundtrack of greatest hits related to the span of your career, what songs would make the list?

Jazmine Sullivan, Masterpiece –

“There are seasons in leadership that cause you to doubt. You really have to remember you are a work of art. This is a masterpiece. There are some brush strokes that you’d like to take back, but you are here and people need to see it and you need to recognize that you are a masterpiece.”

04:33 What has been your biggest moment of reckoning this year?

“You can choose to be a victim, or you can choose to be victorious.”

11:54 Can you think of a time when your values were in tension and how you reconciled that tension?

“Am I adding to the problem or am I adding to the solution?”

“People are listening to us. This is not the time to mumble or whisper. This is the time to make the statement.”

20:32 What is your approach to self-care? Are there any rituals or practices that you employ in order to survive and thrive?

28:21 What advice would you offer to black women who are trying to develop or amplify their voices and become better self-advocates?

“Know your value. Have some gratitude. Have a spirit of generosity.”

“Sometimes knowing you’re enough has to be enough.”

30:09 How would you describe the type of ancestor you want to be and why?

“I want people to see that we are in a relay and I have passed that baton.”

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