An Interview with Upendo Shabazz, Regional Vice President, Allegany Franciscan Ministries


In this Black and Bold interview, Upendo Shabazz discusses the intention around her work, the process of engaging spirituality, and her focus on powering those that are less fortunate.


[00:46] As you are navigating the pandemic, have you had a moment of reckoning – either personally or professionally?

[02:22] You mentioned walking by faith and that reminds me that Allegany Franciscan Ministries is grounded in faith. Could you speak a little bit about your organization?

[04:30] If there was a headline for your leadership journey, what would it be?

Power at the bottom.

[07:07] You gave some insight related to your previous experience as a social worker and teacher. In those worlds, as well as in philanthropy, what are your favorite types of challenges?

[10:05] I’m wondering if you can share a time when your values were in tension and how you reconciled that tension or not.

[18:16] What advice would you offer other Black women who are trying to amplify their voice and become better self advocates?

Stand in the pain on the way to the progress.

[21:13] What is your approach to self-care and are there any rituals or practices that you use to survive and thrive?

[24:03] Do you have any closing words for the Black women that tune in to Black and Bold that you want to leave on their minds and hearts?

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