Healthy Futures of Texas

Project Background

In the face of various challenges in Texas, three teen pregnancy prevention organizations were concentrating on a significant announcement: a merger two years in the making that aimed to transform the landscape of quality sexual health education in the state. The Texas Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, Ntarupt/North Texas Alliance to Reduce Unintended Pregnancy in Teens, and Healthy Futures of Texas had been collaborating for many years and recognized they could be stronger together with a shared vision of “improving the well-being of young Texans through equitable access to sexual health education, contraception, and resources.”

In late July 2022 the combined organization made its public announcement about its decision to merge, marking the end of the first phase. While this was a critical milestone in its journey, it was just the beginning of what lay ahead. In the next phase came the work of integrating the foundational components of the three organizations, including organizational structures, boards, staff, programs, office locations, finances, branding, communications, policies and culture. HFTX went from “making a decision to integrate” to “strategically integrating” all aspects of their work. At the time, it felt like “making the decision” was the hardest body of work. In retrospect, it was the harder work ahead that would determine future success.

Following the big decision to merge, staff worked through various committees and task forces to bring the newly combined entity to life. A strategic planning process was undertaken (see below) and a rebranding effort was initiated to align the visual identity with the mission and values, symbolizing a commitment to excellence and innovation. The brand strategy would elevate the organization, fostering deeper connections, stronger relationships, and increased loyalty, while also playing a pivotal role in shaping the organizational culture, promoting inclusivity, and fostering a sense of belonging among all members.

Services & Solutions

La Piana Consulting was hired in early 2021 to facilitate discussions that were moving from an exploratory phase to negotiations around the intent to merge. By the end of 2021 all three boards had agreed to preliminary terms which were expanded upon and further refined in a final merger agreement that was approved in the summer of 2022. Healthy Futures of Texas was selected as the anchor entity the others would merge into and Evelyn Delgado was selected as CEO with Molly Clayton from The Texas Campaign as Chief Strategy Officer (now with Arnold Ventures). Terry Greenfield, the CEO of Ntarupt continues as a board member of the combined entity.

Following the merger, La Piana Consulting was engaged again to guide a strategic planning process as the three organizations melded into a single entity with a continuum of programs, a statewide presence, and new funding opportunities. HFTX clarified its lane in the complex landscape of sexual health education in the state of Texas and reasserted its focus on evidence-based approaches and curricula. As part of this process, HFTX identified how it would increase impact, center equity, and build operational excellence across its five integrated program strategies.

Outcome & Results

HFTX in 2024 has grown its budget to $7.8 million.  After merging, It was awarded a $10 million federal grant to increase impact over the next five years.  HFTX now has a robust team of 50 staff members  located throughout the state with a strong presence in Dallas, Austin, San Antonio and the Rio Grande Valley. The organization serves youth, young adults, parents, and has expanded partnerships with community-based organizations, higher education, and schools. HFTX strategically broadened its outreach through a multi-channel approach to captivate a diverse youth audience, guaranteeing extensive visibility and impact. Under its Talk About it Texas brand, HFTX implements multiple annual awareness campaigns, reaching approximately 3,000,000 people each year and addressing a spectrum of sexual and reproductive health issues.