Getting to Know the La Piana Team: An Interview with Beverly Snow


This blog post is part of our continuing series featuring the La Piana team. This week, we spoke with Beverly Snow, who joined the firm as Communications and Operations Coordinator in April 2019. 

What are three words you would use to describe your new role with La Piana Consulting? 

Dynamic. Exciting. Challenging…in a good way!

What attracts you to working with nonprofits, foundations, and the consultants who serve them?

I have a background in education and chose to study communications to further my education. Education will always be at my core, serving our communities and our students and having that connection. When I first heard of La Piana, that was the thing that stood out to me the most: that our clients are nonprofits. In communications, you can work with anyone—for profit, corporate, private—but it was important to me to still have that connection to the nonprofit sector.

Even though my clients are kind of our own La Piana consultants, continuing to have a role in the nonprofit sector and being a part of the change and staying knowledgeable and up to date about what’s going on in the movement that is enacting change is incredibly important to me. (Beverly Snow pictured at right, with her pup Dakota.)

As the sector becomes more aware of the power of storytelling to further social change, what do you think are some of the key things for organizational leaders to keep in mind? 

Something I’ve noticed is that sometimes the focus on data can outweigh the people piece of storytelling. It’s so important to remember there are people behind the numbers and stories behind the facts. It’s imperative to find the balance in storytelling. It’s good to always be asking “Why?” when you’re looking at data and digging deeper when you’re looking at the facts—not taking things at face value or giving things at face value.

Is there a story in book or film that has recently left an impression with you, and why? 

I watched Lion a few months ago on Netflix and it really stuck with me. It’s amazing…heart-wrenching (so be ready to cry!). It’s a really beautiful story that plays on perseverance, particularly toward things that have meaning to you—even if others don’t see it, you have to keep fighting for your end goal. You have to see it for yourself, and the journey may be long or treacherous, but you just have to keep going. It’s lesson that you can apply anywhere.

What are your favorite types of challenges or projects?

I love projects that drive collaboration. I love working with people. But I also love projects that gently force me to do things I’m uncomfortable with, so that I’m always learning and teaching myself new things…projects that push me outside of the box, get me out of my bubble. Regardless, I’d much rather work with others than on an island by myself.

What do you most enjoy doing when you’re not working? 

This sounds silly, but I go to the gym often. It’s a bootcamp style gym, so the people there have become my second family. It’s a great release and outlet…an escape from reality for 30 minutes a day. I also enjoy going to the beach, which I like to think of as my happy place. No matter what the weather, watching the sunset or even just driving by…resetting in that way is so important to me. I love hiking or enjoying the beach with my dog, exploring new places in nature. Anyplace in nature I’m happy. And traveling!

What skills or lessons from past experience do you expect to draw from the most in your new role? 

The most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that nothing stays the same, especially in the field of communications. Things are always changing and unpredictable, so it’s important to go with the flow…and be ready for anything.

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