La Piana Consulting helps nonprofits and foundations think ahead to stay ahead, see things in new ways, and align strategy, structure, and culture for mission achievement.

The sector needs forward-thinking responses to strategic questions like:

  • How can we anticipate and respond to emerging nonprofit trends?
  • What is the best way to organize ourselves to maximize our impact?
  • How do we manage change?
  • How can we thrive so we can better advance our missions?

We offer a rich array of proven methodologies, innovative research, and practical resources to help organizations answer these questions and accelerate their impact.

Think Ahead, Stay Ahead

Anticipating and staying ahead of trends is a daily challenge for nonprofit and foundation leaders. We continually develop and deliver a range of nonprofit resources to help organizations respond to the challenges and opportunities presented by a dynamic environment. Use our nonprofit research, books, reports, and podcasts to jump start your thinking about effective approaches to collaboration and strategic restructuringstrategic planningbusiness planning, governance and leadership and change management. And for regular news and advice, subscribe to our blog and quarterly e-newsletter.

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