Business Planning

We have developed a straightforward approach to nonprofit business planning that combines social sector values with rigorous analysis to help organizations clarify priorities and develop successful nonprofit business models. Explore these resources to learn how your organization can use business planning to test the economic and operational nuts and bolts of its strategy and use the results to improve its likelihood of success.

If you’re new to nonprofit business planning, or for a look at our core materials on the topic, see “Getting Started.” Browse “Digging Deeper” for more detailed perspectives on business models and business planning.

Getting Started

Nonprofit Strategy and Business Planning: A Fresh Look - A brief article outlining the difference between strategic planning and business planning, and when to use each

Assessing the Need for a Business Plan - A podcast on why (or why not) nonprofits may need a business plan (4:41 minutes)

The Importance of Testing Assumptions - A podcast on how surfacing and testing assumptions helps power the business planning process (9:05 minutes)

The Nonprofit Business Plan - Our practical guide for nonprofit leaders on business planning to shape successful business models and accelerate mission achievement

Digging Deeper

Three Ways Business Planning Can Support Strategic Restructuring - An illustrated exploration of various uses of business planning to inform nonprofit collaboration