Change Management

Nonprofit change management is integral to everything we do to support organizations in becoming stronger, more resilient, and more effective. Informed by this experience, we have created a variety of resources to inspire new ways of thinking and to highlight practical skills and strategies to successfully navigate nonprofit organizational change.

If you’re new to change management, or for a look at our core materials on the topic, see “Getting Started.” Browse “Digging Deeper” for more detailed perspectives on managing change.

Getting Started

When Organizational Change Fails – An article on the limitations of the "initiative" approach to organizational change, and the difference leadership and culture can make

“Doing Good” in the 21st Century – A joint project with Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy to explore what the sector will need to succeed in the new reality 

Convergence: How Five Trends will Reshape the Social Sector – A breakthrough monograph on major trends impacting the sector and how we will need to respond

Big Changes Start with Small Steps – A brief article with practical suggestions to help nonprofits make change in response to a dynamic environment

The New Abnormal – A guest blog on how the “new normal” posed by current economic and political trends is anything but

What the New Abnormal Means for Grantmakers – A thought-provoking post on the role of foundations in a time of economic crisis

Getting at Real Transformation – A brief article with practical tips for aspiring leaders of change

Digging Deeper

Federated Nonprofits - A series of articles exploring the strengths and challenges of large, geographically-dispersed nonprofit networks

Seven Success Factors for Nonprofit Advocacy – Insights to stimulate your thinking about how to expand your organization's sphere of influence through policy advocacy

Nonprofits and the Future: Predicting (and Practicing) Change – An article inviting sector leaders to predict their future in audacious inventing it

Martial Arts Lessons for Nonprofit Managers – A brief article with a unique perspective on how leaders can effectively manage organizational change