Is Your Board Ready to Lead Change?

The nonprofit board is vital to any organizational change initiative. Whether developing strategy, forming new collaboration, preparing for a leadership transition, or undergoing a similar transformation, success depends on having a strong board that is ready to work on strategic questions, that functions as a high performance team, and that has a strong partnership with the executive director or CEO.

But how do you know your board is ready to lead change? Even good boards can get stuck in a rut. It is easy to settle into the status quo and to forget that the board itself is an organizational asset that must be developed, tended to, and mobilized, just like any other.

Assessment can help boards identify where they are doing well, where they could be stronger, and how they should prioritize board development efforts. To be clear, the point of assessment isn’t to come up with a “report card” on board performance, but to involve board members in a process of reflection that will take their participation – and the organization – to the next level.

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