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Our Resource Page brings together a variety of insights and resources that we have compiled over the years, so they are in one easily accessible place for you. On this page, you can sort resources by type or subject.

In the last two years, we’ve added some robust toolkits and workbooks to our resource library. The links below will take you to a quick form and download page. We’d love to know more about you and your work – please email us at if we can support you.

Merger and Alliance Toolkit

Considering a merger, alliance, or some other form of collaboration?

If you are considering ways to make your partnerships stronger, are brainstorming ways to have more impact in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, or just thinking about how best to achieve your mission, our Merger & Alliance Toolkit provides practical information and concrete guidance to help you move forward. Download the toolkit here.

Career Workbook

Contemplating a leap: changing career, role, or sector?

The Workbook asks a series of questions that enable a nonprofit leader contemplating a career change to organize their thoughts, reflect on their values, and take stock of the journey they have been on, enabling better decision-making about the future. Access the workbook here.

Adapt Change Primer

Once a sound strategy is adopted, it must be well executed, but even that doesn’t always ensure success. Strategic success is directly related to the flexibility and creativity of your team. To stay relevant and ready to deliver on your mission, your organization needs to be willing to handle the difficulty and uncertainty that comes with change. This will help you respond to exciting opportunities and innovations that may come your way. In short, you need a culture of adaptability to succeed.

Check our Adapt Change Primer for thoughts on how to move your team in the right direction, toward adaptation.

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