Strategy for a Changing Sector

Philanthropy is always evolving, with new players entering the social change arena and new giving models being developed and tested. We help foundations stay ahead of trends, see things in new ways, and shape responsive strategies to achieve their goals.

Beyond Strategic Planning

Most strategic plans are missing an essential ingredient: strategy! Instead, they tend to be tactical in scope and operational in nature, setting incremental goals for incremental change. We believe the philanthropic sector needs bold strategy that pushes beyond these operational plans, and this belief drives our work helping foundations to think and act strategically on an ongoing basis for maximum impact.

"La Piana thoroughly dissects what has come to be thought of as strategic planning, presents compelling new ideas about how to best talk about strategy, and provides useful tools to advance your mission-focused work ambitiously."

- Gregg Behr, Executive Director, The Grable Foundation

Our revolutionary approach builds organizations’ capacity to develop strategy on an ongoing basis, in real-time. We offer a highly customizable methodology that is uniquely suited to helping foundations effectively respond to an ever-changing environment. In doing so, we work with, not against, organizational culture to ensure that smart strategies are supported by the people and processes necessary for success.

Revolutionize your foundation's strategy.