Turning Strategy into Action

Business planning provides a useful framework for testing the economic and operational requirements of a strategy to prove its ability to succeed. Our straightforward, practical approach to nonprofit business planning helps organizations move quickly from analysis to action, leading to results.

The Right Plan to Meet Your Needs

The terms “strategic planning” and “business planning” are often used interchangeably, but they refer to two distinct processes with different uses. While strategic planning is a process of considering and making strategic decisions, business planning goes deeper, assessing the risks and defining in detail the practical requirements of implementing a given strategy.

“La Piana’s business planning provided a depth of analysis that was unusually practical, using an iterative process that arrived in the end at a model that really worked. The consulting team engaged multiple stakeholders and their varied perspectives, partnering with us to create a business plan that has very strong support from our partners.” 
- Chris Block, CEO, American Leadership Forum Silicon Valley

Our seasoned team of consultants deftly balances sensitivity to social sector values with rigorous analysis, building a practical business case to advance your mission. We work collaboratively with clients to help them understand their organization’s business model, assess emerging trends, and seize the opportunities presented by a dynamic environment.

Discover how business planning can strengthen your work.