A Spotlight on Internal Equity and Meeting Effectiveness


La Piana is thrilled to announce its newest partnership under our social impact vertical – technology company, is a tool for analyzing conversations, and can help identify meeting themes, common discussion topics, meeting tone (positive or negative), but can also work to identify inequity in meetings, highlighting where there are power imbalances among participants, or language that promotes exclusion. The vision for is to empower everyone – on every team – to meaningfully contribute their voice at work, in school, or any other group — free from friction, fear or bias.

Recently, La Piana sat down with the founder of, Jason Brooks, to talk about how his new software could help nonprofits and foundations with internal equity and meeting effectiveness.

Curious about how can help identify areas of potential inequity or bias in meetings? The slide show below shows how nonprofit leaders can use the tool to run more effective and equitable meetings.

We’d love to help connect nonprofits interested in internal equity, inclusion, and overall organizational health to the creators of the tool. Contact for more information!

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