Chrysalis: An Interview with Alternate ROOTS Executive Director, Dr. Michelle Ramos


Humberto Camarena, Senior Consultant, sat down with Executive Director of Alternate ROOTS, Dr. Michelle Ramos, to learn more about their upcoming “Chrysalis period,” as a way for staff to tackle their internal work. In this interview, Humberto and Michelle talk about what a Chrysalis period is, how staff reacted, and what they hope to achieve.

Since this interview was completed, Alternate ROOTS has formally announced its Chrysalis month, taking place in January 2023.

“The number one goal for me is to be responsive to the call made by staff for what they need as human beings, as people, to be able to do their job and to feel good about doing their job. They’ve asked for this, they have given such incredible reasoning for why it’s needed, and it’s clear to me they need it.”

Click below to read the full interview.

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