A Unique Partnership for Good: Social Impact Consultancy

CerraCap Ventures and La Piana Consulting Join Forces to Accelerate Social Change and Purposeful Innovation

We are excited to announce our partnership with CerraCap Ventures and our new line of work helping social impact startups. Now, more than ever, the world needs innovative solutions to address complex local and global challenges and tackle critical problems that are not going away. We hope partnerships like this, with the growing array of actors in the world of social impact, will accelerate social change and help address complex global problems with purposeful innovation.

We are honored to be working with Solena and Irving Rivera – our first startup client! Solena is a transformative biotech company using natural soil microbiomes to unlock the ‘biological capital’ of earth’s biodiversity. Led by Irving Rivera, a Latinx entrepreneur recognized as one of Forbes Mexico’s top entrepreneurs, Solena is revolutionizing sustainable agriculture.


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