Beverly Snow

Communications and Operations Coordinator

Los Angeles, California
Joined La Piana Consulting
A word that sums me up is
The most interesting thing happening in the social sector today is:
Having the opportunity to witness the profound impact they have as they fulfill their mission.

Beverly coordinates communications and marketing activities for the firm as well as supports firm operations. She excels in balancing this multi-faceted role, which includes materials development and design, website and database management, and technology support.

“I find so much joy and meaning in being in such a dynamic job. The beauty of communications is that you can never quite anticipate what’s next. It keeps me on my toes and ready to collaboratively find solutions for whatever comes our way.” 

Beverly received her Master of Communication Management from the University of Southern California. She gained valuable experience in several methods of professional communication, change management, and workforce communication strategies. She also received training in the practice of people management, problem solving, and informed strategic decision making to support the development of innovative and effective campaigns and efficient facilitation of administrative duties.

Before joining La Piana, Beverly worked as Communications Coordinator for Ingenium Schools, a charter school system in the Los Angeles area, where she also taught elementary Physical Education. Beverly graduated from the College of Charleston in South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education and is a certified K-12 Physical Education teacher. Her work with students and their families has taken place in underserved communities, which has inspired her to stay connected to organizations that contribute to enacting change where it is needed most.

“I care deeply about the work that I do and am very happy that my behind-the-scenes role can support the success of our clients. I am so honored to work alongside such incredible individuals! To quote Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’.”

Beverly is based in Los Angeles and enjoys supporting our clients, partners, and consultants throughout the country.

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