An Interview with Staci Croom-Raley, National Executive Director of HIPPY USA


HIPPY USA facilitates evidence-based home visiting to equip parents with the skills and tools to prepare their children for success in school. In this interview, Staci Croom-Raley, National Executive Director of HIPPY USA describes how the HIPPY National Office and its affiliates have had to pivot in response to COVID-19, and shift to virtual home visits as a way to provide safe, accessible, and equitable services.


00:43 Can you tell us a little bit about the HIPPY model and the role of the national office?

03:10 Can you talk us through a little bit of what happened when COVID hit in March? How did you all respond?

05:45 What’s become the new normal now that you’ve had a little bit of time to adjust and now that folks aren’t scrambling after the first impact? What has changed, what does home visiting with HIPPY look like now?

11:09 Is there anything that you’re doing now that you hope to continue doing even after the pandemic is resolved or winds down? Do you envision keeping any of these elements?

16:31How have you seen the number of families served change for HIPPY?

19:18 How do you see these changes and new formats affecting the evidence base for HIPPY?

23:22Peer coaches are gaining digital learning skills, which is enhancing your workforce development. Have you thought about how your workforce might change?

26:56Addressing gaps in outcomes and taking an equity lens to the work

29:52Wellness for home visitors and staff

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