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At La Piana Consulting, we are pleased to offer online workshops and conference presentations during this time when virtual connection is more important than ever. We have developed a range of webinars that you can explore here.

If you don’t see a topic that fits your needs, please contact us and let’s talk about how we can develop something that works for your organization.

Intro to Strategic Partnerships

This webinar provides an introduction to the array of strategic relationships that can advance greater impact and sustainability for nonprofit organizations. Informed by our 20+ years’ worth of experience in this area, La Piana Consulting outlines the variety of potential organizational relationships, key drivers of success and potential challenges to achieving success, as well as the process by which organizations can develop these relationships. This webinar will provide concrete information to inform organizational thinking and decision-making about whether and how to use these relationships as a strategic option for mission advancement.

Taking Stock of Your Organization: Where Are We Now?

This webinar will help nonprofit leaders assess their organizations amid the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic. La Piana Consulting discusses the three types of responses during the crisis, provides guidance for a self-assessment including financial stress-testing, strategic plan relevance, staff and board leadership capacity, program sustainability, marketing/communications impact, and infrastructure needed to fulfill mission. The goal will be to help nonprofit leaders assess what resources they need to not just survive but thrive post-pandemic. Resources (links to articles, templates) will be provided in each assessment area. The webinar will end with an optional introduction to Part 2 and a rationale for considering strategic partnerships as a best practice in nonprofit management.

Hold On, Merge, Close: Making Tough Choices During a Crisis

This informative webinar dives into the tough decision-making that organizations are forced to face due to the impacts of the COVID pandemic. La Piana Consulting discusses the three types of nonprofits during the crisis, provides guidance for a self-assessment, and explores different options for going forward including potential strategic restructuring. Whether your organization might be considering holding on, joining forces with others, or closing; this webinar will guide you in thinking through your options, summarize the process, and explain the importance of the clarity of purpose during this time.



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