BUILDing for Growth

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As a part of a Ford Foundation-supported initiative called BUILDing for Growth, we are offering a series of resources. Participating organizations were selected from among many to participate in CoPs, workshops, and individual consulting, all aimed at helping you to manage rapid growth.

We've Curated Resources from our CoP's, Leaders, Consultants, and More!

Monthly Themes

October 2022: Burnout and Staff Retention – This month addressed the critical challenges associated with staff burnout and retention. We dug into the root causes of turnover and provided support on how to prevent and address burnout. View the October Newsletter here.

November – December 2022: Creating Policies in a Growing Organization – This month identified the tipping point of when orgs need to create more formal or standard policies and protocols, and how to balance equitable policies with the need for flexibility. View the Winter Newsletter here.

January 2023: Hiring, Onboarding, and Culture – This month discussed the changing demands on Human Resources in terms of structure and responsibilities, and also dove deep into the most effective approaches to onboarding, making space for evolving organizational culture while maintaining or enhancing cohesion. View the January Newsletter here.

February 2023: Real Time Strategy and Proactive Change Management – This month focused on maintaining strategic focus in a dynamic environment and managing constant change to achieve your (ever-evolving) goals. We also discussed how to create a change-friendly culture. View the February newsletter here.

March 2023: Transparency and Decision-making – This month will address how to increase transparency and enhance staff communication, particularly as it relates to decision-making processes.

April 2023: Cultivating Effective Leadership – This month will address the many challenges associated with effective leadership across the journey from building pathways to development to successfully leading during times of change.

May 2023: Futurizing Your Nonprofit – This month will address how to anticipate and proactively prepare for critical trends that will impact the future sustainability of nonprofits, including climate change, technology, political shifts, and changes in traditional funding patterns.


2022 BUILDing for Growth Launch Event

Community of Practice 2022/23 Schedule

If you are interested in participating, please email

Development: 1st Tuesday at 9am PST

  • Led by David La Piana

Executive Directors: 1st Wednesday at 9am PST

  • Led by Eileen Garcia and Luis Vergara

Operations: 1st Thursday at 9am PST

  • Led Amia Grashin and Scott Cotenoff

Emerging Leaders: 2nd Friday at 9am PST

  • Led by Ali Carella and Christine Chen

Finance: 2nd Tuesday at 9am PST

  • Led by Lara Jakubowski and Bral Spight

People + Culture: 2nd Thursday at 9am PST

  • Led by Onuka Ibe and Humberto Camarena

Past Workshops

How and When to Pivot Strategy

Staff Retention Panel

Developing Socially Responsible Investment Strategies

Creating a Healthy Organizational Culture & Effective Internal Communications

Reduce Your HR Worries and Woes: HR Strategy & Best Practices for Growing Organizations

Scaling Organizational & Leadership Structure in a Fast Growth Environment

Strategy Development & Scaling for Reaching New Heights

IT Systems and Cybersecurity in the Age of Trolls, Phishing, Malware, and Ransomware

5 Common Mistakes Nonprofits Make with Data and How to Avoid Them

Governance: Building a Great Board for a Growing Organization