How to Keep Nonprofit Employees Engaged During COVID-19


Since March, nonprofits have faced unprecedented adaptive challenges due to the pandemic, including balancing mission fulfillment while keeping employees healthy and engaged. Some organizations have had an easier time than others adapting during COVID-19, largely depending on their experience and comfort with working remotely. It can be a tricky task to maintain a thriving organizational culture while ensuring employees stay happy and connected during these trying times.

At La Piana Consulting – a remote firm from its inception – we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to draw from our experience to help provide insights to our valued clients. Here are a few tips to keep the people on your team engaged and connected while promoting a healthy work-life balance:

  • Leverage video conferencing and chat functions within Slack, Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams
  • Set aside time for teams to connect with each other to discuss lighthearted topics, whether that be through virtual happy hours, “meet the pet” sessions, or team-building games
  • Develop “office hours” for flexible check-ins with team members
  • Establish dedicated all-hands work hours across the organization to help ensure communication and timelines expectations are aligned and stay on track

Benefits of Video Conferencing for Nonprofits

Video conferencing and direct chatting can allow for a new level of connectedness that was not possible with email alone. Now, face-to-face communication can happen without the costs of cross-country travel. According to a recent survey by Forbes Insights, video conferencing consistently improves the overall level of understanding and communication of participants.

Benefits of Establishing Virtual “Office-Hours” for Nonprofits

By establishing virtual office hours for a remote workforce, nonprofit supervisors can demonstrate accessibility for staff to clearly and directly discuss key issues and empower teammates to exchange ideas and knowledge about their work. Consistent office hours can also help promote closeness among teammates through providing a transparent space to connect.

What is the Benefit of Engaged Employees?

According to Gallup, organizations with highly engaged employees are 21 percent more productive, 22 percent more profitable, and experience 65 percent less turnover. Demonstrating commitment to staff at this moment of uncertainty will pay off in the long term.

Digital marketing agency WebFX offers an infographic with eight additional ways to increase employee engagement.

How Can La Piana Consulting Help?

Check out this video our team created about everything we’ve learned from working from home for additional tips and insights! As always, La Piana Consulting is committed to helping organizations manage changes in their day-to-day as they strive to further their mission and deepen their impact.

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