A Conversation with Outdoor Education Organizations: What Does Summer 2020 Look Like?


Facilitator: Luis Vergara, Partner, La Piana Consulting


Phillip Kilbridge, President and CEO, NatureBridge

Josh Brankman, Executive Director, Outward Bound USA

Kim Bailey, CEO, Youth Outside

As the nonprofit sector responds to the COVID-19 crisis, leaders of outdoor education organizations face a particularly difficult set of challenges. What does the future look like for these kinds of services? Is there a predictable timeline for a return to normalcy, and what does “normal” even mean anymore? To discuss these issues, we brought together the leaders of some of our nation’s premier outdoor education organizations.

Part 1:


  • Panelists discuss what happened to their individual organizations when the current pandemic took hold and shelter in place became the norm for most of us.
  • Panelists look to their immediate future to consider what does summer may look like for their organization.

Part 2:

  • After discussing the immediate future, panelists take a deeper dive into fall and beyond, 2021. They talk about whether they are considering any permanent changes to their service delivery model for an eventual post-COVID world.
  • Panelists discuss how they think all of this is impacting the health, mental health, and opportunities of the young people they serve.

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