The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution

Real-Time Strategic Planning in a Rapid-Response World

This book introduces a nimble and powerful alternative to traditional strategic planning. “Real-Time Strategic Planning” is a fluid, organic process that helps nonprofits identify, understand, and act on challenges and opportunities as they arise — today, not in six months when the “new plan” is done.

At the heart of this practical book is the Real-Time Strategic Planning (RTSP) Cycle.

Inside, you’ll find tools for:

  • Clarifying your competitive advantage — where your organization fits in its marketplace, who your competitors are, and what sets you apart from the pack.
  • Generating a strategy screen — criteria for evaluating strategies on an ongoing basis, allowing you to respond quickly and confidently.
  • Handling big questions — the opportunities or threats that require development of a new strategy in order to respond.
  • Developing and testing strategies — reduce the chances of picking the wrong strategy.
  • Implementing and adapting strategies — learn how to continuously probe for crises and opportunities — not just once every three years.

Instead of a hodgepodge of unrelated goals and activities that ultimately lead to inertia or even total chaos, you’ll learn to develop true strategies — coordinated actions that pull the organization in the same direction, toward the same ends. That is revolutionary.

The Nonprofit Strategy Revolution is available in print from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.