Bral Spight

Senior Consultant

Chicago, IL

Bral (he/him) is a strategic problem-solver able to successfully manage and accomplish aggressive goals under time and resource constraints. He is an experienced business consultant and entrepreneur who has held key leadership positions and worked with senior level management to deliver on strategic and operational goals.

Bral understands how to manage to key performance objectives and how to strategically create and manage a budget and pro forma. He has worked in a wide range of organizational structures and cultures — within nonprofits, government, academia, and business — and is adaptive and skilled at tailoring proven methodologies to find new ways of helping clients.

Much of Bral’s career has been at the intersection of his personal passion to promote environmental, economic, and social sustainability for urban communities. For example, he started two businesses related to hydroponic food production (addressing healthy sustainable foods/ recidivism) and cannabis operational design (promoting small business development) that were focused on hiring the previously incarcerated in Chicago. Bral also started and built-up a unique public/private higher–education/governmental incubator program focused on helping small businesses in Chicago to grow successfully, and he experienced governmental operations at a high level as a chief of staff for the Public Building Commission of Chicago.

Prior to this, Bral was an engagement manager for McKinsey & Co focused on growth strategy and business portfolio management, and he also worked as a free-lance consultant. Past clients have included Chicago Housing Authority, Chicago Public Schools, Renaissance Charter School Fund, and United Way of Southeast Michigan. In addition, Bral has served as a finance professor focused on using gamification theories to enhance learning, and utilizing learning management systems to deliver assessment–driven continuous improvements in class design.

Bral has an MBA with an emphasis in strategy and finance from the University of Michigan and a B.S. in chemical engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.