An Interview with Ashley Greenley, Advancement Director, FishWise


In this interview, Bral Spight, a Senior Consultant with La Piana Consulting, speaks with Ashley Greenley, Advancement Director of FishWise, about the organization’s growth journey. FishWise, a nonprofit sustainable seafood consultancy, engaged La Piana for expertise in developing a business plan and growth strategy.

Previously, they had reached a plateau with internal efforts and recognized the need for external expertise in nonprofit business models. Key outcomes of the collaboration included a landscape map that provided clarity on FishWise’s stakeholders and their roles, and a refined approach to articulating the value of their services. The process led to greater discipline in problem and solution identification and development of a more defined pipeline for new services. Looking forward, FishWise aims to enhance financial resiliency and strategic growth. Greenley advised others in similar situations to involve executive leaders early in the process and praised the insights gained from La Piana’s approach, which enhanced FishWise’s direction and strategies.

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