Doing Good in the 21st Century


Earlier this year, La Piana Consulting joined Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) to explore how emerging trends are changing how we “do good” and in what ways the social sector must adapt to meet these 21st Century challenges and opportunities.

We shared a preliminary report in the spring, and are now pleased to share our Voices from the Field report – a more complete analysis of what we heard, and a companion to a series of video highlights speaking to key themes.

Find links to all of these resources here or at the EPIP website.

Our shared goal is to inspire open dialogue and bold action about how nonprofits and philanthropies can begin to think differently and work differently to lead social change.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts, stories, or examples in a comment below. Or, reach out on Twitter (@LaPianaConsult @EPIPnational #DoGood)!

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