How to Discuss Merger Exploration with Grantees


By Amia Grashin and Lara Jakubowski

In the COVID-19 world, funders may increasingly find themselves in discussions with nonprofit partners about merger exploration as a potential way to ensure that mission and organizational needs continue to be met. We are seeing an upswell of interest and are encouraged by the sector’s willingness to provide funding for sustained collaboration efforts.

In this blog, cross-posted on GEO, Amia Grashin and Lara Jakubowski walk through concerns that have always existed among nonprofit leaders and boards about mergers. They break down those concerns and discuss the best way to approach this sensitive topic. Read the full blog here.


(Resources referenced in graphic: Critical Issues WorksheetThe Power of PossibilityMotivations WorksheetReadiness Discussion GuideConcerns WorksheetM&A Toolkit)

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