Let’s Talk Unionization: An Interview with Amy Smoucha, Listening Tree Consulting


In this interview, Scott Cotenoff, Partner, speaks with Amy Smoucha, Listening Tree Consulting, who helps non-profit organizations navigate unionization and collective bargaining from a pro-union perspective. She explains the typical process of forming a union, recognizing a union, negotiating a contract, and maintaining a labor-management partnership in the non-profit sector. Amy also discusses the challenges and opportunities of adapting to staff unionization in a way that aligns with the values, mission, and culture of social change and arts organizations. She emphasizes that unionization is not a sign of bad management or a broken organization, but rather a way for workers to have more voice and influence, and to be part of the labor movement. She suggests that leaders and managers should approach unionization with a learning mindset, and try to problem-solve and innovate with their staff in a constructive and relational way.

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